Best African Tech startups are made at Silicon Durbs

It is a fact that Technology innovation is taking over, new business and jobs will come From the Tech startup industry. Every day founders are raising millions worth of funds to run their Tech startups. Our program is disgned to take tech innovation to be the next thing investors are looking for.

Silicon Durbs Tech startup founder program

from Idea to launch

The silicon Durbs tech startup founder program will introduce you to Tech entrepreneurship journey. That will trasform your Ideas to be the next Tech business that will solve local and global problems. The program is Developed by Silicon Durbs experts in the Tech startup sphere and it is backed by our ongoing research and Developement. This program is for fist time and inexperienced founders who want to start, and raise money for their new Tech innovations. This is an African based program aimed at equiping you with skills and resources that will help you be a Tech startup founder.

The program covers :

- Tech Business Idea Generation
- Fundumentals of Tech Enterpreneurship
- Problem solution fit
- Product Design
- Product market fit
- Business Modeling
- Building The Team
- Marketing
- Pitching
- Raising innvestment
- Leadership skills

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